The 8 Best Tips about Matcha Powder & Benefit of Matcha Green tea

matcha powder

A creamier and sweeter mix of green tea is rapidly gaining popularity. For a while now, people are advised to drink green tea as part of an everyday healthy diet. A distinctly brighter shade of green tea, Matcha is readily becoming a favorite.

What is Matcha?

Matcha green tea is considered to have more nutritional value than other types of green tea. It is quality green tea powder originating and grown only in Japan. You can use it to make tea or as an ingredient in several recipes. It is a vital part of the Japanese culture and has been celebrated at the Japanese tea ceremony for centuries.

A simple process is followed to produce Matcha green tea & matcha boba milk tea. Young tea leaves are grounded to make green powder. Afterward, the powder is whisked in a bowl of hot water. Are you wondering why Matcha is bright green? Because these green tea bushes are hidden under a shade, their level of chlorophyll is higher. Thus, they are radiant green and nutritious for you.

Matcha Caffeine

It is a common misconception that caffeine is bad for health. Caffeine is only harmful to you if it is consumed regularly in large amounts. Matcha is a kind of green tea, and it does contain caffeine, but, if taken in moderate amounts is right for your health. A cup of black coffee is said to contain double the caffeine content in Matcha.

You can easily find Matcha caffeine in several beans, nuts, fruits, and plants. It works as a mild stimulant that can improve your metabolism by almost 40%. If you have ever drunk too much coffee, you may have gotten an uncomfortable jolt during the day when trying to concentrate. Matcha not only boosts your focus level but keeps the mind and body relaxed.

Moreover, consuming Matcha caffeine daily provides you with continuous energy for the next 6-8 hours. It packs various antioxidants in a single serving that are related to weight management, cancer prevention, and low cholesterol levels.

benefit matcha tea
benefit matcha tea

Matcha Green Tea Latte

Are you looking for a drink that recharges you on cold mornings? A drink that wakes you up on lazy afternoons? Look no more for Matcha green tea latte is the perfect frothy blend for such occasions. It has gained so much popularity in the last decade or so that as of 2011, Starbucks introduced them to their menu as well.

How is a green tea latte different from a traditional latte? Instead of espresso, you will have green tea with steamed and foamed milk. While green tea has its benefits, the milk will also be good for you. It will provide you with proteins, vitamin D, and calcium. On the other hand, Matcha green tea latte will ensure that you reap metabolic and cardiovascular benefits from it. It also can prevent lung, skin, and various other cancers. Additionally, Matcha green tea lattes are widely known for their essential role in helping you lose weight.

You are recommended to consume at least 5-6 cups of Matcha green tea lattes in a day instead of coffee. It boosts your energy level and enhances your attention span. You can be safe from gradual or sudden fall in blood sugar levels. Furthermore, the intake of a Matcha tea latte will not give you shakes or sugar crashes either. Honestly, it is by far one of the healthiest drinks.

Matcha Iced Latte

A Matcha iced latte is the perfect blend of cream and milk. It refreshes your mind and detoxifies your body. You can use almond milk or any kind of milk you want and whip it up in under a minute. You can combine many ingredients with Matcha powder to create your unique blend. Often, coconut oil and vanilla are added to enhance the sweetness of a Matcha iced latte.

It is not only a healthy drink but a cool and satisfying one as well. Lattes of this kind are packed with numerous antioxidants and amino acids to help you. They alert your mind and protect your heart. Consuming Matcha iced latte will provide you with the necessary calcium and fibers. It is the kind of drink that you can enjoy on a hot summer day.

What are the Benefits of Matcha Green Tea?

It is said that a single serving of Matcha green tea carries enough nutrients that you would gain from ten cups of ordinary green tea. How is that? For one, Matcha ensures that you receive 100% of the nutrients present in the leaf. You will also find that green tea in powdered form has antioxidants 137 times more than those that exist in regular green tea.

Additionally, Matcha green tea has several other benefits.

  • It gives you the powerful antioxidant, EGCG.
  • Drinking it every day will help you burn calories and speed up your metabolism.
  • It detoxifies your body naturally and is highly effective.
  • Matcha calms and cools your mind while allowing the body to relax.
  • Its manufacturing process ensures that it provides you with the necessary fibers and vitamins. These vital nutrients are inclusive of selenium, magnesium, zinc, and vitamin C.
  • If you get into the habit of consuming Matcha green tea daily, you can also be safe from diseases.
  • It will work to enhance concentration and stabilize your mood.
  • Matcha green tea will also aid you in lowering your cholesterol level and blood sugar.

Matcha’s uses are not only limited to beverages. You can use it in all kinds of dishes, whether savory or sweet and still matcha benefit from its perks. For hundreds of years, the Japanese have celebrated it and for a good reason.

It is suitable for your health and keeps you safe from life-threatening diseases. Though it is also made from the same leaf as regular green tea, it gives you all the nutrients present in it. Easy to prepare, Matcha green tea powder latte gives your day an extra burst of flavor. Rose & Blanc Tea Room has high quality matcha ingredient where to buy matcha poweder by online store.

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